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Photography has been and is seen as an index, a trace, the “pencil of nature” as HF Talbot expressed it. Robert Adams wrote as late as 1996: “Photog­raphy’s abrupt rise also has to do, I suspect, with our distrust of language….”

The advent of digital imaging destroyed the – anyway unwarranted -­ notion that photography faithfully reports what has been. This lead some to postulate that “photography is dead” just as it had been postulated that “painting is dead” after the invention of photography.

The insight that it can’t be and could never be the medium in which one trusts – be it words or pictures – but only the narrator, was long overdue.

In this sense I believe that there are still stories to tell, worlds to explore, history to preserve in whatever medium appears adequate.

In short: Photography is still as good as ever a medium able to refer to and report about the real world filtered in space and time.

“no ideas but in things” ?


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